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Biography: Eugene-John, 01/04/80: Writer, designer. Lima, Perú > California, USA.
Designing programs: AdobePhotoshop 6.0, CorelDRAW X4, IrfranView: Cut&Paste.
Writing material: Microsoft Word Document, Rich Text Format, Text Document.
 Data storage: IomegaZip 100 Portable USB Drive, Writable CDs, Ghetto-Tech. 


What is “Hypermodern”?      

The Hypermodern movement is one of the most exciting and revolutionary developments that the art world has experienced in a long time.



Hypermodernism (art)

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Hypermodernism refers to a cultural, artistic, literary and architectural movement distinguished from Modernism and Postmodernism chiefly by its extreme and antithetical approach. Although the term is sometimes erroneously used to describe modernists such as Le Corbusier, it has come to have some aspects of modernism filtered through the latest technological materials and approaches to design or composition. References to magic and an underlying flexible self-identity often coupled with a strong irony of statement categorize the movement. Some theorists view hypermodernism as a form of resistance to standard modernism; others see it as late romanticism in modernist trappings.



HyperModern fiction writer




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